Tree Trimming

Our team has the experience, tools and knowledge to help assist with your Olathe tree service and tree trimming needs.

What is tree trimming?

Tree trimming can incorporate multiple different tree care strategies and tactics. Whereas tree pruning is ultimately concerned with a tree’s health, trimming is primarily focused on maintaining a tree’s appearance and desired shape.

When properly monitored and maintained, trees can add to the beauty of your yard and property. However, if left to themselves, trees will often become unkept and wild over time, taking odd shapes, and growing in uneven and undesirable ways.

After proper evaluation, the thinning out or removal of overactive branches, leaves, and even whole sections of trees might be needed. Similar to tree pruning, proper tree trimming will also add health benefits and increase the longevity of a tree’s life.

How much does tree trimming cost?

The cost of tree trimming services varies greatly depending on the scope of work needed, type of tree, size of tree, equipment needed and desired outcome. Also, costs can fluctuate based on frequency of routine care, or for a one-time trim.

For the most accurate tree trimming estimate, please fill out our free estimate form, and our team can provide more information on costs and next steps.

How does tree trimming work?

Arborist Olathe Tree Service uses many different types of tools and machines to properly trim your trees. We will work diligently with you to decide on expected process and desired outcome.

For most trees, our team removes overgrown branches and leaves sections to best achieve the property owners objectives. Often, this means removing extra heavy branches, wild or unusually long limbs, or sections of the tree that are encroaching on other elements of the property, such as power lines, home roofs and siding, driveways and even other plants.

Once we have removed the needed branches and limbs, we break them down into smaller sections, or sometimes feed them into a wood chipper, then haul it away. Our goal is to leave the property looking nice, clean and tidy, without any evidence that a tree was trimmed or a property serviced.

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