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Often times, taking care of the tree, the trunk and the branches is the easy part of tree service or tree removal. Taking the appropriate action with deciding what do do with the stump and roots that are left over after the tree is cut down can be a significant undertaking.

To help, Arborist Olathe Tree Service offers stump grinding and stump removal services to take care of that challenge for you. Our stump grinding Olathe KS experts have the experience and equipment needed to grind your stump or stumps, and leave your landscape looking great.

Having the stump ground after a tree removed is not always necessary, or even sometime, advised. Our arborists can work with you to help determine what the best course of action is to achieve the results you are looking for.

stump grinding olathe ks

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of grinding a stump into small pieces and wood chips through the use of a stump grinder. As opposed to a stump removal process, which completely removes all elements of the stump and the roots of the stump, stump grinding primarily focuses on only shaving down the stump, leaving deeper subterranean portions of the stump and the roots untouched.

While this might seem like an incomplete or insufficient process, stump grinding is the recommended step to take for almost all residential tree service jobs, and most average commercial tree service jobs. This is because of the minimal impact stump grinding has on the landscaping and other elements of the property. Complete tree removal requires a significant undertaking that could lave entire yards destroyed or unearthed, holes that are many feet deeper and winder, and requires more expensive equipment and more time to complete.

Stump grinding achieves the primary issue with a remaining stump, in that it removes it from visual site, with minimum impact on the surrounding areas. Arborist Olathe Tree Service’s standard grinding process involved grinding down as far as needed until the trunk is no longer intact.

What happens to roots after stump grinding?

Since the roots remain untouched for the most part, nothing immediately happens to the roots after the stump grinding is complete. However, over time, the roots will deteriorate and decompose. Since this is done very slowly over time, the decomposition of the roots very rarely creates a void in the ground that causes any issues with the integrity of the surface soil. The slow decomposition of the roots can be a very healthy and nutritious process for the surrounding dirt and soil. 

Can trees regrow or resprout after stump grinding?

Simply put, no – trees cannot regrow, regenerate or resprout after a stump grinding process. As mentioned above, the roots do remain untouched and planted in the ground, but they die and decay over time. Stump grinding is a permanent termination of a tree’s life.

How to clean up after stump grinding?

After the stump grinding process is complete, our Arborist Olathe Tree Service team takes great effort to return the areas surrounding the work to its previous state. We pick up debris, wood shavings and wood chips, sticks and twigs, displaced dirt and soil and more. Depending on the soil makeup from where the tree was, rocks, hunks of clay and other elements of the earth might also have been brought to the surface. We try our best to pickup and dispose of all of these things to help leave the area looking good, however there are always going to be things that we cannot property or fully remove, and some further cleanup might be needed.

What to do after stump grinding?

Depending on your intention for the hole left by the old tree, action will need to be taken quickly. Sometimes, a tree can be replanted right away or soon after the stump is ground, but more often than not, the recommended action is to fill in the hole to become even with the surface. This requires using enough dirt to completely fill the hole, much of which will most likely need to be accounted for outside of what was displaced during the grinding process.

If covering the filled hole with grass, grass seed will need to be spread in accordance with the seeding instructions. Watering and other proper care will be needed, and additional dirt might need to be added over time as the soil used to fill in the hole settles.

How much does stump grinding cost?

Stump grinding costs are based mostly on the size of the stump, the equipment required to achieve the desired results, and the time it will take to complete the process. Arborist Olathe Tree Service’s standard stump grinding services range from $150 to $450 per stump. For more accurate pricing information on your specific needs, please contact us for fill out the free quote form.

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We know that stumps can be a tremendous eye-sore amidst your landscaping. Old stumps can also attract pests, become infected with disease and rot, and cause headaches for mowing, landscaping features and more. Our arborists are ready to put our experience to work for you, and make quick work of that annoying stump, or include it as part of a tree removal project. Reach out to us directly at, or fill out the free quote form to get some detailed information from our tree service team, including pricing and a customized tree service plan.