Olathe Tree Removal

The Arborist Olathe Tree Service team is ready to bring your landscaping back to life…by removing any obstructing, dying, diseased or dead trees, stumps, shrubs and more. Our Olathe tree service team has the experience and equipment to help with even the most complicated tree removal needs.

How does tree removal work?

When possible, we always recommend the complete removal of a tree be a last measure for a homeowner or property manager. Once a tree is cut down, there is no going back! Tree trimming or pruning can sometimes achieve the desired result without the need for full removal. However, especially if a tree is dead, infested with pests or disease, or is growing in a particularly problematic way (such as to cause home foundational issues, utility and power line problems, etc.), removal is often the best route to take.

Our team will work with you to evaluate the situation and help determine the best tree service plan. In most circumstances, our team handles tree removal with one of two methods:

1) Remove the above ground portion with a single cut along the base, positioned in a way to allow for a safe and precise area of landing.

2) For particularly large trees, they will often need to be scaled and cut up in sections, while removing branches and limbs from the top down. Additional safety measures are taken and extra equipment is used, such as cables and braces, when necessary – especially if the tree is near a property.

Once the above ground portion of the tree is cut down, any remaining branches can be removed, then, depending on the desired outcome, stump removal or stump grinding can begin.

The trunk, branches and stumps are then thrown into an industrial wood chipper to grind the wood into chips and mulch, and transported away. Our team then takes the time to clean up the area, raking up fallen leaves, picking up twigs and sticks, and scooping up any piles of bark, wood chips and sawdust.

olathe tree removal

How much does tree removal cost?

Tree removal costs range greatly depending on the number of trees that need removing and the size of the trees. Smaller trees that can be more easily cut down at the base without the need to scale them can be done in a very cost efficient way, and completed very quickly. Large, tall trees that have huge branches will require much more resources to manage.

To receive a precise estimate from Arborist Olathe Tree Service, please contact us or fill out our free estimate form, and our team can provide a custom quote and potential next steps.

If a neighbor’s tree falls on my property, who is responsible for removal?

We receive questions about trees crossing property lines and falling in neighbor’s yards quite often. We always recommend checking with local and state ordinances and guidelines, as well as your home insurance policy details.

Generally, there is a distinction between trees that are healthy vs. trees that were potentially unstable or dead. If the tree in your neighbor’s yard was healthy, strong, and well maintained, any damage caused to your property or home will most likely fall under coverage of your homeowners insurance. However, if the damage could have potentially been avoided, and a neighbor was being negligent in properly maintaining or servicing a fragile, diseased or dead tree that then falls and causes damage, the neighbor is usually liable.

We would strongly recommend you communicate with your neighbors, including your Home Owner’s Association if necessary, to ensure trees along your property line are well maintained, and kept strong and healthy.

What do tree removal companies do with the wood?

Many tree service companies handle the wood chips and mulch created from the tree removal process differently. At Arborist Olathe Tree Service, we partner with a few local Olathe landscaping companies to ensure the wood is put back to good use and does not go to waste.

If you have interest in keeping the wood chips from your tree that was removed or trimmer, please let us know.

Stump removal and stump grinding services

Sometimes, leaving a stump in the ground after a tree has been removed is the best action to take, especially if the stump is not near a property or home. However, a tree stump can often cause additional issues, even if dead. Fungus, pests, and rot can infect the stump, resulting in problems for nearby plants and landscaping – not to mention the eyesore they can become.

Stump removal is the most invasive option, ripping out all of the stumps roots, and completely removes the remaining elements of a tree. This is the best option for root systems with problematic growth tracks. Stump removal also typically allows for more successful replanting.

Stump grinding is much more efficient and quick. The core and trunk of the stump is removed, but the roots remain untouched. Grinding also minimizes the size of the hole, and in most cases, the hole can be filled in leaving the space nice and flat. While this is the preferred option in most cases, things like root decay and potential resproutig are always worth evaluating.

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Successful tree removal is no easy project to tackle on your own. Let the experts at Arborist Olathe Tree Service assist with the evaluation and removal of your trees. Our experienced team can ensure the project goes smoothly and safely, leaving your lawn, home and property looking beautiful and healthy.